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◆ The fine moral character of the Chinese nation is diligence. WHOLETOPS adheres to the national tradition and regards diligence as the basic quality of employees. Diligence makes up for incompetence, and God bless the diligence ones. Diligence makes WHOLETOPS full of vitality.

▼ Focus

◆ Too many failures are due to “fickle mind” and being “opportunistic”. Focus means fortitude quality and the ability to resist temptation. Focus, in fact, is a great wisdom, choosing to stick to it in difficult times and seizing the opportunity in good times. WHOLETOPS began to focus on its own industry and cultivate a spirit of perseverance and courage.

▼ Professionalism

◆ Excellence comes from professionalism. The brand of WHOLETOPS depends on “professionalism”. Professional technology; professional services; professional management process; and professional teams. Professionalism makes WHOLETOPS a brand and makes the company be a strong one.

▼ Innovation

◆ "Dare to be the first to innovate and promote company development, industry progress, social change and the wheel of history. WHOLETOPS insists on innovation, ignites the trend and leads the development of the industry. “Innovation” is the power source of WHOLETOPS.

▼ Follow the Trend

◆ Comply with the laws of nature and the historical trend. This is the high summary and knowledge of human civilization to date. Moving against the trend may be self-defeating, which is not appropriate for the company. Follow the trend and take great advantage of it, shall be the right thing to do for a wise man who knows how to grasp the opportunity.

▼To Rise Abruptly Based on Accumulated Strength

◆“Being silence for three years, then make a great coup.” Opportunity always favors those who are fully prepared. Success is always built on a solid foundation. WHOLETOPS is well aware of this instantaneous outbreak from quantitative change to qualitative change. We rise abruptly based on our accumulated strength and make each stage show brilliant.